American Vacuum Technologies Inc. Annulus Repair and Rehabilitation Service
We can repair vacuum jacketed piping, both rigid and flexible, Dewars, sumps, down-hole tools, cold ends, cold caps, and crossovers. We can custom fabricate vacuum jacketed components. Our complete machine shop facility provides you with turning, milling, grinding, and welding capabilities to repair or fabricate some of the most demanding items. Annulus static vacuum regeneration is our specialty. Our application of high vacuum pumping and heat creates long life insulation properties for the most demanding environment. We also install and activate hydrogen getters.

Our staff of experienced technicians can perform some repairs on-site.
Hardware repairs mainly consist of leak detection, mechanical repair, seal replacement, a pressure test if required, and static-vacuum regeneration. We can cold shock or soak to verify mechanical and insulating properties. These tests are best done in a controlled environment to insure long lasting product integrity.

American Vacuum Technologies Inc. provides specialty-cleaning services for most applications.

On-site service
Repairs can stop ice balling and product loss. We bring all the equipment and expertise necessary to complete the repair quickly and cost effectively.

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