Helium Leak Detection
Helium leak detection is the safest, most sensitive, precise, and non-destructive leak detection method used to date.

American Vacuum Technologies Inc. offers onsite leak testing, in house components testing, leak certification, and regular leak detector maintenance. Precision helium leak detection will verify the integrity of components, and keep your equipment operating efficiently. Helium leak checking your system can significantly speed up your process, and ultimately save you money. We have over thirty years of experience and we provide all of the equipment, too. We have tested some of the smallest micro devices to the largest space simulation chambers on the planet.

Our in house fabrication ability allows us to make specialty fixtures, fittings, and adaptors for testing. Don't waste time and money on less sensitive methods. Quickly and accurately locate even the smallest leaks on multi story processing facilities, vacuum distillation columns, and other large systems utilizing the helium sniffer leak detection technique. We bring all the equipment. We can do the repairs, with onsite welding available.

Some of the equipment we service:

  • Ovens, Furnaces, E-Beam Welders
  • Valves, fittings, pin connector
  • Freeze Dryers, Distillation Towers Food Processing Systems
  • Sub-sea cabling systems
  • Cryogenic Vacuum jacketed pipe, storage, LN, Oxygen, Argon, LGN
  • Underground piping
  • Space Simulation Chambers
  • Bellows, Valves for Fugitive Emissions ( All standards, ISO, ASTM, Shell )

Expert leak detector Repair

All makes and models. Rental leak detectors are available. Even older vacuum tube models. Calibration service is available.

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