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Vacuum Pumps knowledge base:

Would you like to reduce down time, reduce costs, and prolong the life of your vacuum pumps?  We will explain pressure measure terminology, the difference between inches Hg, mm, micron & Torr.  American Vacuum will instruct your staff on the proper operation, maintenance, and use of vacuum pumps.  We will review safety procedures, preventive maintenance procedures, and discuss the proper vacuum pump fluids to use specific your process. 

We will also discuss the various fittings, gauging, and accessories that may help your process or applications become more efficient and cost effective, while prolonging the life of your equipment.

Weld Testing
Seal Testing
Integrity Testing

Leak Detection theory, application, and signal interpretation:  Leak detection training, onsite, will consist of leak detection theory, application and methods.  We will provide hands on preparation of the leak detector with the proper components.  We will explain how to find a leak, and demonstrate how to perform a leak detection in vacuum mode and sniff mode.  We will also review various size leaks as measured on the leak detector, and give examples that pertain to real world applications.

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